Hello Lovely People!

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Hello Lovely People!

Postby pockethydra420 » 12 Sep 2014, 18:37


I am not sure if i got the right server or not but this will be embarrassing if i have got the wrong one.

my name is pockethydra420 (aka MasterMilkshake if you have seen me online) I was introduced to the server by soapy100 and so far I have found this quite a friendly and welcoming server!

I hope you will welcome me as a member to your server.

Master Milkshake :ugeek:
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Re: Hello Lovely People!

Postby iBallisticPandai » 12 Sep 2014, 19:32

Hey Milkshake!

Welcome to CC!!!

Its great to have you here and personally I'm excited to see that you are ready to stay!!!

Lemme know if u need any help ingame!!!!
if u wanna meet up with me google choochoos network, i'm almost always on :)
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