This is it. - JamwaXD

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Re: This is it. - JamwaXD

Postby Tyfomsis » 10 Sep 2014, 15:21

I was wondering why you got so quite the last few days I saw you on.
Even tough you could some times be really annoying, you had a lot of spirit and people knew if you where there.
You always had something to say and made sure that one knew that TS was up and hadn't crashed.

It will be somewhat lonely and for the short time you where mod, you did help out good.
The time before you got trialmod, where you asked around if people needed a mod and then did what you could to get hold of one, that was dedication. No mini modding there, just a good effort.

Your okay in my book Jam, best of luck to you and do someday consider coming back.

- Tyfo
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Re: This is it. - JamwaXD

Postby craftypotato » 11 Sep 2014, 15:55

lindovski wrote:That's it? Your goal was just getting mod, and a month later you resign? When the server needs as much help as it can get people resign... I really never got much along with you, but personally I have to say this is not the correct atitude to have at this time and I would really like you and everyone else thinking of leaving, to stay. If you don't, well, sad to see you go.

Personally, I think this comment was a little uncalled for, Lindo.

Jamwa has been extremely active in CityCraft over a long period and, I would say that he is better at what he does than I could ever be. Jamwa isn't leaving because he wants to or because CityCraft isn't important.

If we do require new staff, we can always recruit however, as it stands, we need more players. So please, keep these insults to yourself, especially as Jamwa has done quite a lot for the community.

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Re: This is it. - JamwaXD

Postby Jake » 11 Sep 2014, 16:01

Can we leave comments about lindovski's post now. It was made literally a week ago, so not only does not need to be brought up again, but it's unfair to de-rail someone's thread with an argument over a comment.

-- 11 Sep 2014, 22:10 --

lindovski wrote:Nothing better to do than picking old threads to get more post count and 'reputation'?


Are we really going back to that old argument again? I thought people had finally grown past that.

and for the record, introductions don't count towards your post count.

On the basis that this is getting really repetitive, I'm just going to start deleting posts that don't need to be here. From whoever it may be, I really don't care. A "warning" or "explanation" for the post removals will also be out the question.
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