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Postby TJM66 » 12 Jul 2014, 02:47

I think it is about time I write one of these, as I have been on for over 2 years. I dont want to bore you all and go into too much detail, but whether you wish to learn more about me, or just to find out my Citycraft History, read on.

Build Story: It was May 23rd, and I only got my MC account a few weeks ago. Previously, I have been searching other servers, but none were what I was looking for. Until I came across Citycraft.

I was kindly welcomed by many donators, and a couple of staff, but I was shy back then, and stayed quiet. After about 20 tries getting through the spawn quiz, I was able to explore. The buildings were amazing, as the only good thing I could build were dirt huts and rollercoasters.

I found a free plot of land and started to build Citycrafts Tallest Building. Unfortunately, I didnt know what a /modreq was, and it was griefed when I came back from lunch. I quit after that for about a week. I finally decided to return on June 1st. And this time, I did stay.

I made a couple of mates the first day, and one of those was mikeyjohn8. He an awesome lad, and very helpful when it came to building. So we decided to build a town with the bland name of TJVille. We actually got a fair way through the build, but sadly, my good friend Mikey was banned.

Two weeks later, I was so close to quitting yet again (after the ban), until I discovered you could donate to get more perks. Which I did, donating for Elite. That 80 bucks was worth it. About the same time, I met dorky4, who I have been mates with ever since. We never really built much together, but she was always there for a good chat.

I met Li_nk, who was owner of Runetown. That place was great, he was excellent at building statues and other quirky builds. He was a good mate, and was always there to help with my builds. My rollercoaster that I built, which still stands today, is at /warp Runetown.

Serthhi and I made a small building near where mikeyjohn8s house was. The design really was quite a spectacle, and we finally made a full sized skyscraper in Desert City, which can be found at /warp SandDuneHotel. It was never a success, only one room ever got claimed, so we abandoned the rest of the project.

A few months past, and Li_nk became inactive, and I never saw him again. Dork announced she was making a town of her own with bwowinator, and a few others. It was called DorkyLand (sorry to embarrass you dork ;)), which was a very rainbow..ey town with tons of wool and stuff. I built a tower that was quite colourful also.

I can slightly recall building an airport with HenryGoodman. It was going to get big. Even though I only got a runway completed, it was good fun.

I started to settle into the community when the Grand Build Competition was announced. I started to construct a replica of the Titanic, and I am STILL building it! Speaking of which, I never met the deadline, and carried on with my Citycraft life.

For the next year, I became more inactive on the server, and I suppose others did the same as well. But during that time I started 3 towns: PlotCity, PlotCity2 and Hugeplots, which I am working on to this very day. I became mates with roryjasper who was trusted at the time, and we built some stuff together. Occasionally, we still work on projects, but only for a short while.

Once Rory slowly progressed up the rank ladder, he finally became a Moderator! He started to build a lot more around then, so I contributed to GurForest, Kando Airport, and a bunch of other builds that could fill up this paragraph. My favourite though was the airport. I loved making the bi planes and jet engines, as well as baggage disposals :)

Sadly though, Rory quit because of his internet plan. I only had about 2 to 3 active mates now, and yet, they still didnt play all the time. But to the present day, I have been working on Hugeplots, a Ruin, and goodness know what else. Honestly though I have focussed more on the Survival Server, and slowly learning how to run a faction.

Until mid Augest 2014. My Citycraft dream has finally come true. I am now part of the staff team! It was the happiest day of my Citycraft life, when I joined the server, to see a pink name. After two weeks of helping non-stop, I was promoted to full Moderator. I love helping anyone, so if you need assistance, don't be afraid to ask me, I will do my best.

Survival Story: Alrighty, so I have had a couple of requests for a Survival intro, and seeing thats where I spend majority of my time on Citycraft, I will tell my history on the Citycraft Survival server.
I joined for the first time about 6 months into my Citycraft life, around Christmas 2012. Boy I was in for a surprise though. I thought was just a survival server, no PVP; I never knew what factions or any of that stuff were. So I just wandered out into the warzone, and immediately, the blood-thirsty Tier 4s came out of nowhere and eliminated me. Now I am not a good PVPer, and I never have been! So, I just left, and never returned

Until roughly 3 months later, when I built up my courage and gave it another shot. This time, out of the 100 somethin people online, no one got me in Warzone. So I wandered about 200 blocks out, and out of the blue, the chunk beneath my feet was removed (thanks Bure) and I fell to my doom.
But enough about that, I should be highlighting major parts of my Survival Story, not complaining about admins using World Edit to kill me. So the first faction (what I called a fraction back then) I can recall joining was Armada, with aCQQK13, Jake, Rory and many others. I spent a good 6 months in that base, until inactivity swooped in and Armada died. So I went solo, and made my own crappy factions. PUGZ was made fortunately, and many of the Armada members went there including me.

There I met TheKoenjan, who taught me the basics of PVP, Factions and Raiding. I honestly admit he kept the faction under control until problems started developing between the owners, and shortly after Christmas, everyone abandoned PUGZ, leaving apugantux and Rory to find a faction for themselves.

Then the almighty Eternity was created. That was where I met lots of my mates who I still chat with today. I remember the first base was a wooden house with a parkour course around it and a swimming pool. But TheKoenjan has plans to take the base to a high new level.

A 9 claim base was constructed, but to Koens disgust, it only lasted 2 weeks until it was raided. Ah yeah, and around that time, I got a free Tier 4 rank from Caralel, which I possessed until the previous rank system.

So after Eternity fell, I did some faction hopping. I joined Victrix for a few weeks, then I believe Inglorious, and finally joined TheCreed. They had an amazing base, it looked awesome, and I had a massive room.

Then finally, I joined my home faction. Kando. I spent well over 9 months there, and we had 3 bases, all built by me. :) My favourite was the 3rd base. It was massive, and took me 3 months to build, block by block. It was originally built over an NPC village, to have a faction shop. But the villagers all disappeared for some reason, and I filled in the extra space with crop farms. As factions go, Kando got pretty big. I believe its peak was 20 members.

One of my favourite features of this faction was the Kando Market. It turned out as a huge success to my surprise; we were well renowned for our famous $999 XP deal! I gotta thank everyone who kept the shot running. That put another 460k into the faction bank, which I was proud of. As well as another 90k of loot from our spawn trap behind the shop ;)
When the new map reset was announced, no one really went on the server anymore. Kando died, but so did every other faction, so that was fair.

I felt an urge to quit Citycraft, on that map, until the guys from Inglorious invited me. They gave me a good start on the server, until I lost all my stuff due to the NDH Crash Christmas episode. I stayed with Inglorious, who was Infernus at the time, and made a huge gold farm, increasing my balance at an immense amount. Soon enough though, another map reset was on its way.

This time around, I revived Kando, except just as a private faction for me and a few others. I kept the faction under control, having members pass and go, until I finally merged with Indignity, savvys faction, and Citycrafts largest faction. I am going to go up and say, you guys kept me on Citycraft, I was just about to depart, until I got the offer to merge.
And so, that is my story as to the 2nd of September, 2014. Thanks for reading.

Now the hardest part: All the mentions - hang tight guys.

Dorky4: Youve always been there dork, helping me build, tidy up chests, oh yeah, and the Money Wars >:D

Savvy22: It is good to have someone who likes a joke or two, and savv is that person. Youre the best!

Roryjasper: You have a good taste in modern builds, and you have always been there for me, not sure what else to say :P

Mikeyjohn8: It is a shame you arent around anymore, but if you are reading this, it was fun building TJVille together :D

Gumby1122: You would have to be the best builder I know! What a great city you have made!

TheKoenjan: Raiding Buddy! Thanks for all the help in teaching me about factions and all that kinda stuff :)

Um.. Who else

Li_nk: It would be good to see you again, but thats probably never gonna happen, I gotta thank you for giving me that first plot though.

Aleco252: A good old mate, and someone to talk to, thanks for being there for me.

Cmp: Other TJ! You were always my go to staff member, so thanks for all the help :)

All the Citycraft Staff: If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt be here this very day. You guys sure know how to manage a server, so good job!

Geeze, I have just reached 1000 words! Better wrap it up.

I guess there is just one more to thank.

The Community! You guys made me stay, helped me reach Moderator, always there to help and just in general, respectful. You guys are the best!

Well thats it, thanks for reading. As I said above, I was not going to list every single action I have done on Citycraft, so hope thats fine. Thanks again!
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Good luck with your future, and thanks for making this community amazing!

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Re: TJM66

Postby savvy22 » 14 Jul 2014, 15:16

We've been bffs for like, 2 years and you didnt even include me in your story </3

Post a survival one plss :3

And yay im funny :D

i will find out wat ur name is k fite me m8 ill smash u
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Re: TJM66

Postby Koenjan » 07 Aug 2014, 09:58

It's been good bro
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Re: TJM66

Postby lindovski » 07 Aug 2014, 10:39

Post a survival intro! Nice to know you better.

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Re: TJM66

Postby Jake » 12 Aug 2014, 09:52

Merged both posts together into the OP.
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Re: TJM66

Postby craftypotato » 12 Aug 2014, 22:51

Nice post. I will say it has been great having you on CityCraft, TJ.

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