Quick Note on 'Introduce Yourself'

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Quick Note on 'Introduce Yourself'

Postby Terrowin » 18 May 2013, 16:58

Hi All,
Quick notice just to bring something to light-
we, as staff feel that people are being a bit cavalier with your introductions, we understand you may feel that we're all friends and that transparency is okay. But people really need to tone down on what they're saying a little bit, as it may be a bit insightful to your personal, personal life.

We don't want anybody being told off by their parents if they see a post about how your [HYPOTHETICAL]Bird took a gun and shot everybody at your family reunion [HYPOTHETICAL]. As that could turn into you being in trouble and leaving us D:

And with all seriousness, the internet is a really unsafe place;
Internet Safety
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