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Rank & Command Guide

Postby A11an » 02 Dec 2011, 05:57

CityCraft Build Ranks:

-Default- The rank you get when you join CityCraft Build
-Member- Register at forum.citycraft.co.uk & Promote yourself(Click here to Promote)(How to become a Member)
-Trusted- 10 forum posts, 30 build votes, 10 days(Click here to vote)
-Veteran- Be on the server for 3 months, 100 forum posts, 100 build votes(Click here to vote)
-Donator- Donate 10 [Pounds] (CityCraft Donation Page)
-Donator+- Donate 20 [Pounds](How to Donate Successfully)
-Elite Donate 50 [Pounds](How to Donate Successfully)
-POTW- Must be picked by an admin+ (All Players!) Given out for excellent builds, excellent help around the server, excellent contribution, or excellent behavior.
-Moderator- For Build send your application here: http://www.citycraft.co.uk/buildtrialmod
For Survival send your application here: http://www.citycraft.co.uk/survivaltrialmod
Admin- Get a special invite from Joebladon(Owner)
-Owner- Own the server

Rank Commands:


/money - View your current balance
/money [player] - View someone elses balance
/afk - Tells everyone that you are away from (the) keyboard
/sethome - Allows you to set your home so you can easily get to it
/home - Warps you to your set home
/help [page #] - Shows the commands you can use and what they do
/motd - Shows the Welcome message
/list - Shows all the players online
/modlist - Shows the moderators/admins currently online
/msg [player] [message] - Sends a message to an ONLINE player
/rules - Show the server rules
/mail read - Read any mail that you have
/mail clear - Clears your mailbox of any mail
/mail send [player] [message] - Sends mail to either an online or offline player
/modreq [message] - Sends a message to the moderators+ so you can recieve help from them
/check - Shows any modreqs you have open at the moment
/spawn - Teleports you to spawn
/r [message] - Replies to the last person who messaged you
/tpaccept - Allows you to accept a tp request sent to you.
/tpdeny - Reject a teleport request
/ping - Sends a ping to the server to check for lag
/region addmember [region name] [username]
/region removemember [region name] [username]
These commands allow you to change who is allowed to build on your region. Right click with string to find out the region name.


/warp [warp name] - Allows you to warp to a location that has been set by someone
/seen [player] - Shows where a person was last on the server


/tpa [player] - Allows you to teleport to any online player (player must accept the request)
/tpahere [player] - Allows you to teleport any online player to you (player must accept the request)
/setwarp [warp name] - Sets a warp so people can do /warp [name] to get to it
/fly - Allows you to turn flying on and off
/ptime [day/night/noon/dawn] - Changes your player time, use the @ key to lock it (eg. @day)


All commands are the same as for Trusted rank
/back warps you back to your previous location
No Hunger
Multiple homes Use /sethome (Number/name) to set up to 10 private homes.
/delhome [name/number] - Deletes a home that you have set


/god - Makes you invincible (unable to die)
/i [item name/id] [amount] - Spawns an item into your inventory
/ci - Clears your inventory
/thru - Warps you through an obstacle in front of you
Can create [Warp] and [Disposal] signs


/kick [player] [reason] - Kicks a player from the server (do not abuse!)
/ul [item name/id] - Spawns an unlimited block in your inventory that never runs out
/spa (Works with diamond pickaxe) - Enables/Disables superpick
/chest - Virtual chest (extra storage to take with you)
Able to make [Lift], [Gate], [Bridge and [Door] Craftbook signs
Able to use tripwires and tripwire hooks.


/gmc - Change Gamemode to Creative
/gms - Change Gamemode to Survival
/d (This will list all of the options that you for Disguise Craft)
/d [MobName] Disguises you as a mob of your choosing.
/u (This will remove the current disguise)
/tp (teleports you to a player without request)
/tptoggle (Stops people using TP to teleport to you without a request)
/sethome (Number/name) allows you to set an unlimited amount of private warps.
/me allows you to talk in third person in chat
/ti Toggle between separate inventories

You also have access to Craftbook standard, detection and selftriggered ICs


Same commands as players current rank


/ban [player] [reason] - bans specified player from the server permanently or until they are unbanned.
/tempban [player] [time] - bans specified player from the server for the amount of time specified.
/unban [player] - unbans specified player so they can connect to the server again.
//wand (ALL World Edit commands)
All World Guard commands
/claim [id]- claims a moderator request that someone submitted
/unclaim [id] - unclaims a moderator request that you were handling
/hold [id] - holds a modreq
/check - opens a list of all moderator requests
/tp-id [id] - teleports you to where a person made that modreq
/done [id] - Indicates that you finished a modreq and removes it from the /check list
/lb tool - Gives you a piece of bedrock that allows you to see what someone placed/removed and when on a specific block
/kit mod[2|3|4] - Gives you a kit with essential items inside
/near - Shows people that are near you
And a fair few more.


Nearly all commands on the server



Rank Privileges/Rules:

-No Griefing (All)
-No spamming (All)
-No asking for items (All)
-No abusing mods and/or other players (All)
-No giving out items (Donators and above)
-No submitting more than 1 /modreq at a time (All)

Abusing your privileges as any rank will result in a kick, ban, perm-ban, or demotion!


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