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Modreqs & Moderator requirements

Postby Cmp » 24 Jan 2012, 12:55

It seems like there is some confusion on the whole /modreq process. I decided to clear it up with this post.

1. When you make a modreq, please try to include as much information as possible. This could assist us in completing your modreq should you need to log off.
/modreq I would like this plot protected please.

This modreq would be easy to complete even if you are offline. Mods/Admins can teleport to the place where you made this modreq and if you were standing in it when you made the modreq, that indicates that is the plot you want. If there is no clearly defined plot or it is already protected to someone else, we can tell you. If the situation is the same but you are OFFLINE, we are left with no choice but to mark it complete and move to the next one.

2. Please do not ask questions about ranks or being promoted through the modreq system.

This information is easily found at the end of the spawn test and should you need more information, the Rank Center is nearby and can be easily walked to.

3. Do not ask for items or friends to be unbanned through the modreq system.

Asking for items is not allowed, so using this system to ask for items is like telling a mod, "I'm breaking a rule and I'm shoving it in your face." This will not put us in a good mood.
If a friend of yours was banned, he/she must make a dispute before we can take action.

4. Please do not ask us how much longer it will be before yours or to come do yours "really quick" if it isn't your turn.

Asking us every 3 minutes will only make it take longer as we stop to determine the answer.
Asking us to do yours "really quick" defeats the whole purpose of the system. Once you make your modreq, you must be patient while the mod works through the current ones. Also asking us to do yours when it's not your turn is unfair to the players who submitted theirs before you.

5. Please do not make WorldEdit modreqs if you know you need to log off soon.

WorldEdit is not an easy tool to use without the right information. We can't do WE if we don't know what you want, and most of the time, users want things moved or copied a certain way. If we don't know what way that is and you aren't online, we must move on.

6. Please do not make more than one modreq for the same thing.

It only clutters up the queue with duplicates and prolongs the wait for players after that modreq while we delete it. Make ONE modreq and please be patient.

7. It's first come, first served

When you submit a modreq, it goes into a queue. When a moderator is online, they claim the NEXT one in the queue, not the easiest one. We can't skip the ones in front of yours because you need to log out soon. That would be extremely unfair.

8. Politeness is appreciated

Mods aren't paid to do modreqs. They aren't paid to ban people. They volunteer to help the server, but they are also players. I myself like to come on sometimes just to relax after college. I don't do it a lot, but I still like to. I do modreqs a lot because I like to help out. I am not required to do them every second of every minute that I am on. So please, be polite to the moderator/admin who handles your request and thank them for their help. It keeps us going when we feel appreciated instead of feeling used (for me it does, anyway).

9. Give each mod an equal chance

Recently, players have started specifying certain Mods to do their modreqs. This needs to stop. When a Mod claims your modreq, let them do it. Again, some mods come on every once in a while to relax. I don't want to see any more modreqs naming specific Mods to handle them. This may seem harsh, but any modreqs naming specific Mods will be deleted. No excuses.

10. Don't act like it's an emergency if it isn't.

I've had a few players lately say, "Quick, tp to me!" This makes me think that there really is an emergency, only to find out that they need a plot protected. This is beyond frustrating. If a player does this, his/her "emergency" will be ignored and will remain so until a modreq is submitted and processed IN ORDER!

I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but the Mods/Admins don't live to serve you. We are the staff, but we are players also. Let us have some fun, too. That's why we bought MineCraft in the first place.

I will add more to this later as more issues arise.
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Modreqs & Moderator requirements.

Postby Frinni » 17 Jul 2012, 11:34

Hello CityCrafters!

In Sweden we have a saying (an idiom) that something's been on the wallpaper for some time. Which I think is close to saying that something's been on the table-..
I'm not entirely sure why I decided to start this post this way, but I guess what I'm trying to say is:

Moderators have long lived with a problem, not caused by themselves, and it's about time that we straighten things out.

A useful tool for anyone in need of assistance.

What kind of assistance?
Technically any, however, only some are required that moderators do and certain things are prioritized even though we go for first come first serve. (See list below)

Counts towards the quota
Plot protections
Grief checking

WorldEdits is NOT a priority and will only be made if there are no protection-requests unless it's to clear/flatten a land and give out as a plot, therefore including protection. Also, non-donators must be charged for some WorldEdits.
Some of the WorldEdits are not a requirement that our moderators do, even though we'd prefer to see all modreqs done.

These are the most common WorldEdits that is a requirement:
Counts towards the quota
Flatten land (Doesn't cost for non-don)
Move building (Doesn't cost for non-don)
Place/Drain/Fix lava & water (Doesn't cost for non-don)
Alter blocktype - Only when from donator and above (Costs money when from below donator and therefore is not a requirement, seeing as the calculation takes too much time, time that could be spent on protecting someones land)

These are the most common WorldEdits that Moderators do out of their own kindness and is NOT a requirement from our side:
Counts towards the quota
Copy-Paste (Costs money for non-don)
Stacking blocks (Costs money for non-don)
Generating shapes (Costs money for non-don)

Remember to thank the moderators. The sign of our appreciation is all the payment they get for the work they are doing.

What about those nifty gate/lift signs, along with the other falsebook signs?
Doesn't count towards the quota
Nifty indeed. These are a perk for donator+ and should therefore NOT be made by moderators.

Warps then?
Counts towards the quota
Moderators will create/delete warps and make the warp-signs if you feel you need/want one. But most of the time, it's much easier and quicker to just ask a trusted or above to create a warp for you.

Approve my build!!
Doesn't count towards the quota
This is entirely optional. Personally I say no to everyone that asks, because I only want to approve things I've chosen and/or stumbled upon myself, so don't expect them to rush to your build and approve/look at it.
Post pictures of it under the "Rate My Build" forum-section and it will surely get at least some attention.

What if I have questions?
Counts towards the quota within reasons
We have wonderful citycrafters <3 who know so much about the server, the rules, the ranks and all kinds of things. Ask in the chat first, and if they can't help you, then you may turn to a moderator.
The forum is packed with information about most things, so looking here is also a good solution.

Other useful information about /modreq :

Did I miss anything? If so, slap me a PM on the forums and I'll see if it can be added!
p.s. I never meant for it to be quite this much colour.. d.s.
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