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Restricted Items List

Postby FRISC0 » 15 May 2012, 13:52

*If you see anyone with items they shouldn't have, you should advise them to follow the procedure to get rid of them below OR let a moderator know in-game who has these items. Elite, Donator+, Donator should NEVER give items to lower ranks.

Restricted Items
(POTW, Elite, Donator+, Donator, Veteran, Trusted, Member, Default)

*These items should not be used by players in-game (These items are disabled anyway)

    [46] TNT
    [52] Monster Spawner
    [90] Portal
    [119] End Portal
    [122] Dragon Egg
    [137] Command Block
    [368] Ender Pearl
    [342] Minecart with Chest
    [343] Minecart with Furnace
    [401] Firework Rocket
    ALL Monster Eggs
    ALL Stone Monster Eggs
    ALL Potions / Splash Potions

Donator, Donator+ & Elite ONLY

* If your below these ranks you must NOT have these items as an obtainable block in your inventory. (i.e. Mushroom blocks aren't obtainable unless you are Elite, Donator+ or Donator therefore you should not have it!)

* You can get rid of these items by throwing them into lava, or putting them into disposal (/warp disposal). If caught with these items, you will be punished. You have been warned!

    (Place-able Blocks/Items - Obtainable From Drops)

    [16] Coal Ore Block
    [19] Sponge (Used for temporary water removal ONLY. If you'd like water to be removed permanently create a Modreq)
    [21] Lapis Lazuli Ore Block
    [34] Piston Extension
    [36] Block moved by Piston
    [43] Double Slab Block
    [56] Diamond Ore Block
    [62] Burning Furnace
    [73] Redstone Ore Block
    [74] Glowing Redstone Ore Block
    [99] Huge Brown Mushroom Block (Bonemeal > Mushrooms = Fine!)
    [100] Huge Red Mushroom Block (Bonemeal > Mushrooms = Fine!)
    [115] Netherwart
    [129] Emerald Ore Block
    [130] Ender Chest
    [381] Eye of Ender
    [383] Blaze Powder
    [378] Blaze Rod
    [399] Nether Star

    (Can ask Elite, Donator+, Donator to place these blocks for you - or make a /modreq)
    [8] Water (Bucket of water= Fine!)
    [9] Lava
    [51] Fire

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