About: Suggestions - Suggestion Template.

Have a suggestion for the server? Post it here.

About: Suggestions - Suggestion Template.

Postby Windy » 28 Feb 2013, 13:18

This part of the forum is for you to suggest improvements to the server. People show support for the suggestion by replying to its thread here.

Equally if people do not like the idea that has been suggested, they are encouraged to post in here to discuss it further.

Mods, Admins, and Joe all read through this section regularly, and there is a chance that your suggestion could be added to the servers!

When posting a suggestion, it is best to be as detailed as you can be. If it is a plugin you are suggesting, maybe post a link to the bukkitdev site for the plugin.

This template might help you make a more detailed suggestion:
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The Topic Name Should Be As Follows:
[Suggestion] - [$Basic Idea] [$Server]
NOTE*: Replace $Basic Idea with a brief 1-5 word summary of your suggestion. Replace $Server with the server your suggestion is for. Either: Build or Survival.
Example: [Suggestion] - [Mob Arena] [Survival]

Post Contents Should Be As Follows:
1) Why you want this - ...
2) How will it benefit the server - ...
3) Links, screenshots, or anything else (optional) - ...
4) Extra info - ...

Please also have a look to see if your suggestion has been posted before, check the common suggestions thread, here: http://www.forum.citycraft.co.uk/viewto ... 10&t=20348
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