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Postby Laroch » 03 May 2012, 22:59

CityCraft Build

Nicknames for players - Will not happen for any rank below moderator, as it complicates our jobs while protecting things.
XP points on build/enchanting Highly unlikely to be implemented due to potential lag upon death, and ultimate lack of use for enchanted items.
Pets/Animals Passive animals will spawn naturally (if the correct conditions are met), but you will need to find these yourself.
Jail Used to cause problems with players being forgotten. Unlikely to make a return
Mute Used to cause problems with being abused. Unlikely to make a return.
Obscure Plugins Very unlikely to be implemented, as they may not be up to date quickly, or would cause unnecessary lag.
More authoritative commands for donators and above. /kick is already abused enough, so it is very unlikely that /tempban, /ban, /mute/ or /jail would ever be entrusted to donators.
PVP/Arena on build Just go on survival.
Fly mod for members Fly mod has always been a trusted and above perk, and shall remain so.
Factions can be found on survival. little use for them on build.

CityCraft Survival (though most suggestions given are build specific or both)

Spawn exit fixes We know its a tad broken.
Survival Kits
Removal of arena plugin

Both Servers

Any plugin requiring client mods will not be implemented as we do not want to complicate playing for new players.
Pardoning/second chances by player judgement Punishments are the domain of the moderators and admins and shall stay as such.
Any new ranks will not be added, until we have perks to give them, we have recently added Tier 4 and Elite anyway.
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